Gotoh Bass Tuners - FB30

Gotoh's FB30 is the updated version of the FB3 bass machine heads designed to fit some of the most classic basses ever made. Updates include a re-designed bearing structure and a "friction-free ring" for smooth turning action. As of 2018 the FB30LP with "lollipop" shaped keys are a standard product option. These machine heads come in four finishes and packages that include four, five, or six pieces.
  • GOTOH FB30 Dimension Diagram
    FB30 Dimension Diagram

    Please check the measurements in this guide against the dimensions of the headstock that you plan to install upon. Although Gotoh products are manufactured to replace some existing stock tuners we cannot make any guarantees. It is always best practice to measure carefully and/or to use the service of repair professionals.

  • FB30-GG
    FB30 "Clover"
    Example: Gold (GG) finish
  • FB30LP-N
    FB30LP "Lollipop"
    Example: Nickel (N) finish
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Product Price USD
Gotoh FB30LP-4-B
Black Chrome FB30LP 4-String Bass Tuning Machine Set
Set of four FB30LP in black chrome finish. Gear ratio: 20:1. Lollipop keys. Weight per piece: 104.0 grams.
Package includes bushings and wood screws.
4 items in set
Headstock: L2+R2 • L4 • R4 • L3+R1
Body: FB30LP
Finish: Black Chrome
String Count: 4-String
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